Friday, September 5, 2008

Reality Check

I can't believe that a whole week has past and I have not posted. This past week has been crazy. First off it was a short week, first of the month, boss going out of town next(so have to get extra things done), State tax Auditor can by,computers went down, had a stomach thing for a couple of days etc....But hey this is normal week in my life so why am thinking it was crazy. I do love my day job that pays the bills and love the diversity of it does make it exciting. I had a GREAT meeting, chat, catching up, meal and plotting with Candice, Robyn and Roxi. I can't wait until we are able to disclose our plan for all you artist out there. Got an AWESOME design team package from RockCandy that put the creative pressure on. Or maybe I should say has pulled the MO JO out of hibernation. The ribbons are to dye for..the colors are so rich and vibrant. Also have two new stamp plates from Artistic Outpost I have used them on a couple of cards, but want break them out for several things. As Robyn said on her blog(she expressed exactly what I am feeling)I am Artistically Underwhelmed..I have soooo many ideals swimming in my head and really feeling I don't have the time to create. Mark my words I will turn out some pieces this weekend. I am very privileged to be among such wonderful artist and friends. They are so encouraging and such great sound boards for ideals. Between Artistic Outpost and RockCandy Studios who could ask for anything else in the creative department. They both have wonderful design teams which I am very fortunate to be on. I really feel that at times I am not turning out enough for either of them. Okay enough of the whining.

Will have somethings to post after this weekend. I do think that another reason I have had a such funky week is that it would have been my Grandmother Murphy's birthday. She is one that I can say that really helped me get my creativity out.

So off to bed to get some rest so that I can get up and maybe go to a couple of estate sales and them come home to hid out in my room.


Nina said...

Happy creating this weekend!!


Dianne Adams said...

Michelle..hope you have time to make art this weekend. Sounds like a really long week!

subriagirl said...

Michelle, I know exactly how you feel at times. For two weeks I hardly created anything.....I was just exhausted from work & life in general. I finally shook off the chains holding be back & took off. I think most artists go through tough spots in their creative process. Make sure you post what you create! Hugs girlfriend, Ronnie.