Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 is closing and

2009 is on the horizon..

Well, time sure flew this year once again. It seems like just yesterday I was wondering what 2008 had in store for me and now I am looking back reflecting on what happened in it. I was able to see parts of this great country I had always wanted to see. I was able to spend time with family and friends. I saw my first born leave his teen years and embark on his 20's(hey I remember those..I think:D) I now have a chauffeur(no I didn't hit the lottery, just have a 15 year learning to drive, which thinks I have forgotten how to since last April) that in 2009 will be driving herself. Said good bye to a several friends that passed away. Made new friends and enjoyed getting to know the old ones better. Found a new strength in myself and learned that there are people out there near and far that do care about. Started a new chapter in my life on my own again. Thankful that I still have a job with the state in which the economy is in. Thankful for having BLESSING to count. I think this is the year in review in a nutshell.

Wishing you a WONDERFUL, CONTENT and LOVE filled 2009.

Thanks for reading over the past year and please continue next year starting Jan 1 for my word choice for the new year. I have found a word is much easier to do than making resolutions that I usually break by Jan 2.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

The day started off with Stephenie and I seeing what Santa brought her and Michael (we will deliver it to him when he comes over to the Reynas for food and gift exchange) yes still at 15 and 20 Santa comes to our house. Then I threw a couple of surprises in for Stephenie(Miss I know everything I am getting). I gave her a blanket that I made and a couple of movies that she had mentioned that she wanted. All awhile I had a couple of breakfast casseroles cooking in the oven. We got dressed in our matching pj pants and off to the Reynas for food and gifts. The snowmen above were made by Katalina. I think they were so cute and she made each of us one.
There were many gifts. I got new gloves to walk in and dress ones too. But once again my Mom and Dad gave me a great surprise. This embroidery piece that my Mom's Dad did in 1911 at the age of 5 as you can see was written on the piece. It was done on paper.(sorry for the picture but glass really sucks). So now I have another great family piece for my house.

After all the food and gift unwrapping. We all went different directions. As you can see where Susan and Jose went. They were watching Holiday Inn. Dreaming about it is more like it. Yes they are using their new blankets that I made for them . They are 9 feet long so that you can really can cuddle up in them.

Ms Wilson you gave Joesph the most awesome present(his words exactly). He wanted pictures with the book. He loves Mustang cars and can tell more than you ever wanted to know about them. He also got a t shirt that Ford Mustang on it.

Good thing that Santa brought 4 controllers to the new Wii that the Reynas got. This is what the kids were doing after we finished the gifts. Yes they were playing and not fighting. I must admit that this a REALLY cool game system.

It also attracted the older generation too. Now Dad is saying that a Wii might be a good birthday present for him in February. I think that it is so cool that something can bring the young and older generations together.
Micheal and Stephenie went to pick up their Grandmother and took her to their Dad's for Christmas. I came home to watch my good old black and white Christmas movies. Have got to get to bed early as tomorrow is a work day.
I hope that this post finds you all enjoying your holiday and family even if it is via phone calls.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


at 8:41 am I delivered my first born. When we came home on Christmas Eve they brought him in this stocking for me take him home.He was so tiny that he didn't even fill up the stocking. Now 20 years later we still use it for Santa for him. Each year as I unpack it the memories flood back and I always wonder where the time has gone.
I am glad to say that he has gone from a precious little bundle in a stocking to a handsome and wonderful young man. Michael has had some great trails in his 20 short years but he has taken them and turned them into life learning experiences and is making his way in this world. I am sad to say that my first born has had some tough times in his first 2 decades, but has come thru them with flying colors!! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY my FAVOR TIE boy. Mom is so PROUD of you and LOVES you with all her HEART!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Best Ever Hostess Gift and other Updates

I always like to give someone a little happy when they are nice enough to open up their home. So yesterday since I was the hostess to our stamp club I got a few nice little happies. Well this I must say this was the COOLEST hostess gift EVER. My friend Shelly H gave me a WHOLE dozen of FRESH, GREEN eggs from her chickens.
Here is a shot of them all in their glory. Yes I am a little nuts about these but they just bring back such great memories from my childhood. To think that she shared them with me..a whole dozen of them:D

One last shot. Shelly has some really great shots on her blog of these great eggs, chicken stories and great artwork. THANKS for sharing with me Shelly.

Boy where has December gone. I can't believe that it is all ready the 14th. Still so much to do before Christmas Day and the EOY. Sorry it has been so long since the last update. I went to San Antonio on the 5th and came me on the 7th. While in San Antonio came down with the crud. Which I really didn't need. As I had a party yesterday for my stamp club, gifts to finish, cards to make, work to everyone else this time of year with a 1000 things to do and all you want is to take time and REALLY ENJOY the SEASON(like we should).
The party yesterday was a great success. Everyone brought great food to share. The weather was great. It was really fun opening my house for others to share. It is so funny how we spend so much time doing things to and in our homes to make them nice and never open them up to others to enjoy. I think of my home has a great big piece of art and that I need to start sharing it with others. I am not saying that it is a master piece but it is a reflection of me. Well I have got to get going on that list of many things to complete today. Thanks goodness for a great night of sleep and feeling like a human again.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Well here is a little piece that I did for my friend Kathy(who is going to be in the next two issues of Somerset-Congrats) in OR who had surgery last month. I had to make sure that she got it before I posted it. I must say that I am pleased with the way it turned out. I used the wings, a collage sheet image(isn't that little girl just the cutest), flat keys(to tie the ribbon on to use as a hanger), ribbon(that is to die for.. the colors and feel are the best), Dresden foil trim(everything looks better with a little foil on it) with rub-ons from RockCandy Studios, I then placed it all on a crackled background that had been stamped a cool vintage stamp, added ink to I got it the way I liked and then add a saying from Oxford Impressions Country Girl Plate, which I love. Sent it on it's way to OR.

Well, while on I am beginnings I want to let those of you who have followed my blog know that I as of last Wednesday I have started a new beginning. As you will notice my name has changed but I am the same person. Let's see where this small start takes me. Looking forward to 2009 and what it has to bring.