Monday, November 9, 2009

Million of Things on Her Mind

be This piece is done on a lantern panel from RockCandy Studios. I printed out a image from the Girly Girls cd on a transparency. Then computer generated a list of things that needed to be done. Layered the picture of the woman then the words under the glass. I add labels with the title to the glass and antique brass picture corners .
To make a stand for this piece I took a piece of hardware from RockCandy studios and made it into a stand. Add a few buttons by the shot from RockCandy to add interest.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another Goodbye

Most people are only blessed one set of parents that love them. I was lucky as I had two sets of parents. Many years ago when we started at a new church we met the Taylors. The Moms and Dads became friends and us kids became sisters. As to the names Daddy and Momma Taylor was the solution to as what to call them. Yes either one of the mothers could have had all five of us. Even in this extended family I was still oldest. We shared many holidays, events and life memories together. As even with real families there were times we didn't see each other for extended times but when we did the let the talking and catching begin. It gave me great comfort to know that if I ever need them all I had to do was pick up the phone and call. There were times I did and they were there.
So with a very sad and heavy heart I am now having to say good bye to my other Dad only about 3 very short months since I said good bye to my Dad. Daddy Taylor was a great person and cared very much for everyone. He touched so many lives who knows were to start counting. He just had a way with young people that they were drawn to him. He was a great inspiration to my son Michael and he loved his Dad Taylor time. I do know that now he will be able to expound on the questions when asked and will be able to not hurt any more in heaven. I just hope that both of my Dads will be up there looking out for me.
My love goes out to Momma Taylor, Alice, Christy, Buff, Craig, Nathan, Bryan, Taylor, Samuel and Caleb as I know that you have lost a great person and even though you know he is better off in heaven, the human side is hurting here on earth.
Daddy Taylor if you get an Internet connection up there and see this post: I love you and you meant more to me than I know I ever told you. You blessed my life and you will missed more than you will ever know. PS. Give my Daddy a hug and tell him I love him.