Friday, January 25, 2008


Okay it is Friday and yes I should be working, but I have had this project going in my head for about a week now. Last week end I got my new sets of rubber from Artist Outpost and once I saw the set for Mini Masterpieces that creative light bulb went off. (Me trying to save energy, so it must have been an energy saver one.):D Okay this plate has just what I need to make a mini album about my Grandma and Grandpa Murphy, as I owe a lot of my thoughts and creativeness to them. If you want to see what I am starting off with click this here and then watch to see how I turn it into a mini box complete with a unique box. This is one I will keep. Okay back (hopefully) to what pays the bills.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Okay the CPA is gone again for a year. And I still have a job. Not to bad at all only a few things to correct. He had a couple of things that he wanted move to other accounts. But you are talking only a few key strokes. I was even told that I did a good job. (I can always use a pat on the back.)

THANKS to all of you who were throwing up prayers and thoughts. I sure needed them.

Now I better get to getting the everyday stuff caught up.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Well, today I got my TIARA and a great time with friends for my birthday. Candice and Roxi took Ronnie and me out for our birthdays. We both had our tiara on yes in the restaurant. But when you get to your to be our age you can act like this. They also had each of us a little sparkle table arrangement and a card made by them.(Good thing we made them at stamp club.

Carol I hope that you read this post to see my Tiara and the world did stop for a little while. Hope it does for you on your birthday on Tuesday.

Then I got to go and see their showcase for CHA. I just love being in on the inside. I am sure that we will be seeing them in publications soon. I consider myself lucky to be able to hang out with such wonderful artist and friends. Thanks guys for including me.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Can you say I am on OVERLOAD!

Okay only a few more days until the CPA comes. So today with a list as long as my arm of things that must be done and ready for him. I found a few MAJOR problems with my G/L that can not be explained. So in panic mood I call my buddies at DST and now I am on the poo list as it means a weekend of work for someone. I am so glad that I have these wonderful people to help me out. So Sunday I will be heading in to the office and in hopes that I will have everything ready for TUESDAY!!!!!!!!

I have had that sinking feeling the last few weeks. It has been a real learning lesson and hopefully next year it will be a little better. I have always heard it said that if you learn from your mistakes and experiences you are doing good. So I must say that this past year as been a really learning experience and I am ready to use what I have learned and move on.

Well, tomorrow is a play day(I know I shouldn't but I must). I will be going to stamp club and then out to lunch with friends to celebrate another friends and mine birthdays. Then off to see my buddies CHA display. I just love being on the inside of there great adventures.

I will post on Tuesday and let every one that I am still on the outside of the nut house! I hope!! lol

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Well, this morning at 4:50 am the lights went out in Arlington. The alarm clock was making a strange noise that woke me up. When I got up Bill was lighting the oil lamps and candles. Then my sister called and we made the choice to not walk since there were not street lights and the people that leave this early in the morning are nuts on the road. So what do I do? I take the oil lamp and go in to the chest of drawers that has my sweaters in it and clean and straighten it up. Then I got to thinking as I walked around my house with all the oil lamps going. If you have never did this you need to. My house looked great and there was such a sense of peace. Then my word for the year popped in my head SIMPLICITY!!! There were no phone lights blinking at me, no computer monitor lit up, no refrigerator running, no night lights and when I looked out side I could see the moon and stars. Okay then I had to tell Stephenie that there was NO ELECTRICITY, and the peace then ended. But the electricity can back on at 6:05am. So there went the peace and quiet. But then all the modern comforts were back and I do think I like a lot of them.

When I got to work the alarm for the back part of the building had been set off. So I go in like a COP sneaking around with my parents on the other end of the phone. As my Dad asks what am I going to do. I said call 911 if I scream. No matter how old we get if our parents are still alive, they are the ones we call even if they are many miles away.

Better get back to work.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008



It is has arrived ready or not. I brought the new year in the way I usually do ASLEEP!!! I have never been a night owl and December 31st is no different.

This year my new year came in a little rocky. As this was my first official year to close the books for the year at work. So I was a little nervous on Monday. Stephenie helped me to move books and files around for the year. (Of course it was the money that did the really trick.)To top it all off the power went off to the building just I was about to do the back up. So it was dark inside and out so to home I went. To go back in on the 1st to run the back up. Thanks to my DST friends that helped with that. Then we moved an antique piano out of the house to the antique mall. THANKS to Renee and Steffen our good friends. We had some another friends with out heat and I had the parts and know how to fix it for them. Since it has finally gotten to be winter here they could not have made it thru the night with it being fixed. Then home to do payroll and hey I didn't see the 1st day of the year in at 12 am, I sure did the 2nd day. To bed at 1:30 and at 5:30 to walk in cold it was 16 degrees this morning.

Today I had a great SURPRISE from my boss Harry. He came in and told me that I need to take a couple of days off to relax and get refresh in the next couple of weeks. So I looked at the calendar and deiced that next Thursday and Friday will be the days since my birthday is on Thursday. As my buddies from DST have forbidden me to work and have shared the definition of a vacation day with me I will obey. I will create a lot. As for me this is true relation.

I will post my word for the year here today. This was first seem on Ali Edwards blog and then on my friend Marci's blog

2008's word is Simplicity - the state , quality or an instance of being simple

Simplicity - Decor in the house
Simplicity - Work
Simplicity - Art
Simplicity -Everyday life

It seems to me that if you find the simplicity of things and remove the excess life will go smother. I will see in 2008.

I want to focus on the SIMPLE things in life and take notice of the greatness and wonders GOD has in this world.

I wish you all a GREAT and SIMPLIFIED NEW YEAR!!!