Friday, January 18, 2008


Can you say I am on OVERLOAD!

Okay only a few more days until the CPA comes. So today with a list as long as my arm of things that must be done and ready for him. I found a few MAJOR problems with my G/L that can not be explained. So in panic mood I call my buddies at DST and now I am on the poo list as it means a weekend of work for someone. I am so glad that I have these wonderful people to help me out. So Sunday I will be heading in to the office and in hopes that I will have everything ready for TUESDAY!!!!!!!!

I have had that sinking feeling the last few weeks. It has been a real learning lesson and hopefully next year it will be a little better. I have always heard it said that if you learn from your mistakes and experiences you are doing good. So I must say that this past year as been a really learning experience and I am ready to use what I have learned and move on.

Well, tomorrow is a play day(I know I shouldn't but I must). I will be going to stamp club and then out to lunch with friends to celebrate another friends and mine birthdays. Then off to see my buddies CHA display. I just love being on the inside of there great adventures.

I will post on Tuesday and let every one that I am still on the outside of the nut house! I hope!! lol

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