Wednesday, January 2, 2008



It is has arrived ready or not. I brought the new year in the way I usually do ASLEEP!!! I have never been a night owl and December 31st is no different.

This year my new year came in a little rocky. As this was my first official year to close the books for the year at work. So I was a little nervous on Monday. Stephenie helped me to move books and files around for the year. (Of course it was the money that did the really trick.)To top it all off the power went off to the building just I was about to do the back up. So it was dark inside and out so to home I went. To go back in on the 1st to run the back up. Thanks to my DST friends that helped with that. Then we moved an antique piano out of the house to the antique mall. THANKS to Renee and Steffen our good friends. We had some another friends with out heat and I had the parts and know how to fix it for them. Since it has finally gotten to be winter here they could not have made it thru the night with it being fixed. Then home to do payroll and hey I didn't see the 1st day of the year in at 12 am, I sure did the 2nd day. To bed at 1:30 and at 5:30 to walk in cold it was 16 degrees this morning.

Today I had a great SURPRISE from my boss Harry. He came in and told me that I need to take a couple of days off to relax and get refresh in the next couple of weeks. So I looked at the calendar and deiced that next Thursday and Friday will be the days since my birthday is on Thursday. As my buddies from DST have forbidden me to work and have shared the definition of a vacation day with me I will obey. I will create a lot. As for me this is true relation.

I will post my word for the year here today. This was first seem on Ali Edwards blog and then on my friend Marci's blog

2008's word is Simplicity - the state , quality or an instance of being simple

Simplicity - Decor in the house
Simplicity - Work
Simplicity - Art
Simplicity -Everyday life

It seems to me that if you find the simplicity of things and remove the excess life will go smother. I will see in 2008.

I want to focus on the SIMPLE things in life and take notice of the greatness and wonders GOD has in this world.

I wish you all a GREAT and SIMPLIFIED NEW YEAR!!!

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Roxi Phillips said...

Sounds like you have a great plan for the new year...hopefully plenty of time to simply create! Enjoy your days off...really take them only what you want to deserve it! ~R