Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Well, this morning at 4:50 am the lights went out in Arlington. The alarm clock was making a strange noise that woke me up. When I got up Bill was lighting the oil lamps and candles. Then my sister called and we made the choice to not walk since there were not street lights and the people that leave this early in the morning are nuts on the road. So what do I do? I take the oil lamp and go in to the chest of drawers that has my sweaters in it and clean and straighten it up. Then I got to thinking as I walked around my house with all the oil lamps going. If you have never did this you need to. My house looked great and there was such a sense of peace. Then my word for the year popped in my head SIMPLICITY!!! There were no phone lights blinking at me, no computer monitor lit up, no refrigerator running, no night lights and when I looked out side I could see the moon and stars. Okay then I had to tell Stephenie that there was NO ELECTRICITY, and the peace then ended. But the electricity can back on at 6:05am. So there went the peace and quiet. But then all the modern comforts were back and I do think I like a lot of them.

When I got to work the alarm for the back part of the building had been set off. So I go in like a COP sneaking around with my parents on the other end of the phone. As my Dad asks what am I going to do. I said call 911 if I scream. No matter how old we get if our parents are still alive, they are the ones we call even if they are many miles away.

Better get back to work.

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Roxi Phillips said...

Happy BIrthday TOOOOO YOUUUUU, Happy Birthday TooooooooooYooooooooooo, Happy Birthday toooyoou, Happy Birthday to you!

AND MANY Mooooore!