Saturday, July 31, 2010

365 Days

Over the last year life has taken some major turns for me and I have not
really felt much like blogging. I am now thinking that I am ready to start sharing with those few of you who read my blog again.

This week is marking an end to the first year with out my Daddy, the beginning of a new manager's position for Michael and the beginning of the finial year of high school for Stephenie. So as those of you who know me know the water works have been working over time. As I look back over the last year of first with out Dad and Daddy T it brings mixed emotions both happy and sad. Not only the for mentioned beginnings I am also watching Katalina start her high school days, Joesph starting his second year in middle school, Sophia moving into 3rd grade and waiting on the arrival of a new niece along with her proud parents Bryan and Bethany.

My art has taken a backseat this past year as the mojo just had not been there. I must apologize to those of you that look forward to cards and such but I just couldn't do it. SORRY! Hoping to get back on track soon. I have done several projects for me (this collage piece about is one) and have a couple more in the planning process too. I will post pictures once I get them all done.

The house has taken priority this past year. While Daddy was in the hospital he and I had many discussions about what and how I needed to do many of them. Some of them have been hard to start and complete as they were to be our projects and he was not there with me in body, he sure was in spirit. I talked many things over with him while doing them. Once again now that I am feeling like sharing again I will be posting pictures.
My heart is heavy with sorrow, full of joy and hope for the future as I write this. I am glad to know that I now have two Angels watching over me. Knowing that God has carried me through the last year it the biggest comfort of all.