Sunday, December 14, 2008

Best Ever Hostess Gift and other Updates

I always like to give someone a little happy when they are nice enough to open up their home. So yesterday since I was the hostess to our stamp club I got a few nice little happies. Well this I must say this was the COOLEST hostess gift EVER. My friend Shelly H gave me a WHOLE dozen of FRESH, GREEN eggs from her chickens.
Here is a shot of them all in their glory. Yes I am a little nuts about these but they just bring back such great memories from my childhood. To think that she shared them with me..a whole dozen of them:D

One last shot. Shelly has some really great shots on her blog of these great eggs, chicken stories and great artwork. THANKS for sharing with me Shelly.

Boy where has December gone. I can't believe that it is all ready the 14th. Still so much to do before Christmas Day and the EOY. Sorry it has been so long since the last update. I went to San Antonio on the 5th and came me on the 7th. While in San Antonio came down with the crud. Which I really didn't need. As I had a party yesterday for my stamp club, gifts to finish, cards to make, work to everyone else this time of year with a 1000 things to do and all you want is to take time and REALLY ENJOY the SEASON(like we should).
The party yesterday was a great success. Everyone brought great food to share. The weather was great. It was really fun opening my house for others to share. It is so funny how we spend so much time doing things to and in our homes to make them nice and never open them up to others to enjoy. I think of my home has a great big piece of art and that I need to start sharing it with others. I am not saying that it is a master piece but it is a reflection of me. Well I have got to get going on that list of many things to complete today. Thanks goodness for a great night of sleep and feeling like a human again.


Shelly Hickox said...

I'm so glad you liked them! I kinda had an idea that we were fellow green egg lovers. ;-)

Thanks again for hosting such a fantastic party. Your house *is* a great piece of art. I came home and described every detail to my husband. It's a very cool place.

Dianne Adams said...

You're right, Michelle. I was just telling my husband how much I love this season and Christmas but it seems to rush by and I never relax and enjoy it. Guess I should start earlier next year which is what I say every year LOL!