Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 is closing and

2009 is on the horizon..

Well, time sure flew this year once again. It seems like just yesterday I was wondering what 2008 had in store for me and now I am looking back reflecting on what happened in it. I was able to see parts of this great country I had always wanted to see. I was able to spend time with family and friends. I saw my first born leave his teen years and embark on his 20's(hey I remember those..I think:D) I now have a chauffeur(no I didn't hit the lottery, just have a 15 year learning to drive, which thinks I have forgotten how to since last April) that in 2009 will be driving herself. Said good bye to a several friends that passed away. Made new friends and enjoyed getting to know the old ones better. Found a new strength in myself and learned that there are people out there near and far that do care about. Started a new chapter in my life on my own again. Thankful that I still have a job with the state in which the economy is in. Thankful for having BLESSING to count. I think this is the year in review in a nutshell.

Wishing you a WONDERFUL, CONTENT and LOVE filled 2009.

Thanks for reading over the past year and please continue next year starting Jan 1 for my word choice for the new year. I have found a word is much easier to do than making resolutions that I usually break by Jan 2.


Cyndi and Shelby said...

Michelle, we hope that 2009 is joyous and prosperous for you. we hope that your art life is rich and that your personal life is full of family and friends who can appreciate how wonderful you are.

Happy New Year
Cynd and Shelby

Dianne Adams said...'ve had an eventful 2008. I loved your chaffeur comment and how she thinks you've forgotten how to drive. That is so funny because Clarissa is constantly telling me how to drive now whenever I'm actually behind the wheel. She flinches more too when I drive! Good grief...I just realize how much she acts like I that good LOL!!