Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

The day started off with Stephenie and I seeing what Santa brought her and Michael (we will deliver it to him when he comes over to the Reynas for food and gift exchange) yes still at 15 and 20 Santa comes to our house. Then I threw a couple of surprises in for Stephenie(Miss I know everything I am getting). I gave her a blanket that I made and a couple of movies that she had mentioned that she wanted. All awhile I had a couple of breakfast casseroles cooking in the oven. We got dressed in our matching pj pants and off to the Reynas for food and gifts. The snowmen above were made by Katalina. I think they were so cute and she made each of us one.
There were many gifts. I got new gloves to walk in and dress ones too. But once again my Mom and Dad gave me a great surprise. This embroidery piece that my Mom's Dad did in 1911 at the age of 5 as you can see was written on the piece. It was done on paper.(sorry for the picture but glass really sucks). So now I have another great family piece for my house.

After all the food and gift unwrapping. We all went different directions. As you can see where Susan and Jose went. They were watching Holiday Inn. Dreaming about it is more like it. Yes they are using their new blankets that I made for them . They are 9 feet long so that you can really can cuddle up in them.

Ms Wilson you gave Joesph the most awesome present(his words exactly). He wanted pictures with the book. He loves Mustang cars and can tell more than you ever wanted to know about them. He also got a t shirt that Ford Mustang on it.

Good thing that Santa brought 4 controllers to the new Wii that the Reynas got. This is what the kids were doing after we finished the gifts. Yes they were playing and not fighting. I must admit that this a REALLY cool game system.

It also attracted the older generation too. Now Dad is saying that a Wii might be a good birthday present for him in February. I think that it is so cool that something can bring the young and older generations together.
Micheal and Stephenie went to pick up their Grandmother and took her to their Dad's for Christmas. I came home to watch my good old black and white Christmas movies. Have got to get to bed early as tomorrow is a work day.
I hope that this post finds you all enjoying your holiday and family even if it is via phone calls.


Roxi Phillips said...

Thanks for sharing you holiday picture montage! Sounds like you had a special time together.
Merry Christmas to your family!

Dianne Adams said...

I love the gift you special.
The Wii Fit came to our is awesome. I haven't seen my son work so hard in a long time. The house was shaking while he was 'jogging'! And you're right about it bringing the generations together.
Happy Holidays!

amyrehnae said...

What great family memories you all made that day! Love that! Thank you for your visit and comment over at my blog! Merry Christmas season to you and yours!