Sunday, December 21, 2008


at 8:41 am I delivered my first born. When we came home on Christmas Eve they brought him in this stocking for me take him home.He was so tiny that he didn't even fill up the stocking. Now 20 years later we still use it for Santa for him. Each year as I unpack it the memories flood back and I always wonder where the time has gone.
I am glad to say that he has gone from a precious little bundle in a stocking to a handsome and wonderful young man. Michael has had some great trails in his 20 short years but he has taken them and turned them into life learning experiences and is making his way in this world. I am sad to say that my first born has had some tough times in his first 2 decades, but has come thru them with flying colors!! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY my FAVOR TIE boy. Mom is so PROUD of you and LOVES you with all her HEART!!


June said...

AWWW What a lovely christmas story. And just look at him ... hansome devil ... bet he has all the girls after him lol.
Hugs June

Dianne Adams said...

What a sweet way to bring present your Christmas baby. What a nice memory for you at this time of year.

Shelly Hickox said...

I think that's the sweetest thing ever! I can just imagine how adorable he must have been then - he's a doll now! He's lucky to have such a great mom. :-)

Roxi Phillips said...

He must have been the best Christmas gift ever. I love this picture of him! Is that one of the ones Marci took? Thanks for sharing!