Thursday, September 11, 2008

What I did last Summer

Well this is the result of thinking all the way home last night about an ATC swap that I signed up for last month and said hey I have plenty of time. Well, time is almost out and had to be done by tomorrow. I know that my summer was not very exciting, but hey when you work for a A/C and heating company summer is not vacation time. Especially when you are the main accounting and operational person. So the great ACT size stamp of numbers from Artistic Outpost(Geek is Chic Plate), the coolest little Dresden foil glasses from RockCandy Studios, a few office supplies and you have what I did last summer. I am sorry if you read this and you are in the swap, but I just had to post because I really thought that is turned out great. Maybe someone will host a swap for "What I did last Fall" then I can have a vacation ACT.


Dianne Adams said...

Cool! I love it and I'm in the swap...I get one of these babies!'ll recognize mine too because you've seen my blog. Have a great day!

Subriagirl said...

Dianne, I love your ATC! I just ordered those little glasses too!
I'm in the swap too! I got them done in a hurry (turned out really nice though!) that I didn't get one scanned to show. Ah, guess you'll both have to wait to see mine! Got them sent off Weds. so here's to hoping they get there in time.