Friday, September 26, 2008

CottonFestival in Somerville

I just love the fall as here in the south it is festival time. A couple of weekends ago we went to Somerville to met my Dad, Mom and Joseph to see what was happening at the Cotton Festival. They had several booths with things to buy and people demoing crafts form the past. I really enjoyed the quilts and the broom maker. I just love watching people doing these crafts that are becoming lost arts. As you will notice in the slide show Joseph's favorite part was the Mustangs. He can tell all about them and that when he gets a real job and alot of money he is buying one. We had lunch at a local restaurant which where I got the great shot of the cool signage on the floor. BTW make sure you check out one of Joseph's hidden talents. Everyone can balance a spoon on their nose, but hey he do it with a fork.

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