Saturday, February 21, 2009

Soul Sisters

Well here is a piece that I did tonight. It has been in my head for months.(yes there is something up there other than air) Every since the day Candice and Roxi showed me the Sisterhood College Sheet from RockCandy Studios and told me to design something using it. Well the Muse can home with me tonight and we got to work after Sophia's birthday party. I had a little fun with the nuns. (Roxi I hope you don't hold it against me, I am sure that since they were your aunts that they had a sense of humor, I hope) I just had to add glasses to the one and the bingo numbers were a must also. The church in the back ground is actually the church that my Grandmother Murphy attended as a child. I am giving this piece to a special art friend for a late gift. Yes that I was to give her back in December. Sorry it is so late Robyn, hope you understand.

Also, I must say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Joseph who turned 11 on Thursday and Sophia who is turning 7 today. I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!

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