Sunday, February 22, 2009

Discovery of my Niece

This is Katalina an AWESOME soccer player! She has been playing competitive soccer for over 2 years now. I am sorry to say that this is the first time I seen her play. Now that I am back in charge of what I do I went to see her on Saturday for the first time. It was so cold, but at least the rain held off until the end of the game. That I might add they won!!!! I felt so sorry for the girls standing out there on the field in shorts and all of us sitting on the sidelines in coats, covered with blankets and drinking hot beverages.
This is how I saw her most of the game running and man can she run. I am sure that is way she stays so small. After running this whole game she only ate a pbj sandwich. MMMMMMM maybe I should take up soccer for seniors and maybe I could lose all my weight. On the other hand I think I will stay with walking.
Not only did I discover that she is an awesome soccer player but that she is turning into a wonderful young lady. She has a heart full of love and smile that shines for miles.Especially now that she had braces taken off last week. She has a natural beauty that girls and women alike would die for. Discovering how wonderful this blessing from God made my weekend.
I see soccer being added to my spring time schedule. Watching her was great fun, but also taking photos of her and her team was lets say was another discovery that I made this weekend. I have spent years wanting to learn how to take photos and be one of those photo hounds that always has their camera with them. Taking snap shots of life as it pass by way too fast.
This was a weekend of moments. I even slowed down and noticed them. I went to a soccer game, lunch with great friends, shopping with another friend, created a couple of art pieces, got hugs from friends that I haven't seen in a while, (yes I love hugs), spent time with my sister, attend Sophia's birthday party, laughed and spent time with my wonderful daughter. AHHHHH the everyday MOMENTS!


Subriagirl said...

Ah, yes indeed. Everyday moments steal away as fast as they come. Good thing you're capturing them as they pass your way! Loved reading your story of a wonderful young lady. Hugs, Ronnie

Dianne Q Adams said...

I'm so glad you spent time with your family. You shots are great; I think you could become a very good photo hound!