Sunday, February 1, 2009

Carol's Birthday Present

This piece I did for my friend Carol for her birthday. I was a little late getting it to her with all the things going on at work and having to ship it to the otherside of the US. I did think of her on her Special Day and let her know that I was thinking for her and my other friend Kathleen that shares the same birthday. I sent Kathleen a piece as well with trying to get it to her I didn't get a picture, but it turned out really cool too. I saw this saying and though of Carol and so the process began. I did a background in red(her favorite color and mine too), added some flourishes, RockCandy Studios and you got the finish project.


Subriagirl said...

Beautiful piece Michelle!

Debby said...

I cannot believe I have not made a comment regarding this piece yet. My goodness it is stunning!