Sunday, February 15, 2009

Life compared to a Tree

I have always loved seeing trees in the the winter. This is one that I have looked at many times and wondered what all it has seen in it life time. It stands in the middle of a field and has several burial sites under it that date back to the 1800's. When Michael was little he always wanted to go and clean up around the tombs.

But what I wonder the most is what is it like to have to show your inter self each year to those who are looking and not being ashamed of who you are. Those looking are either looking and seeing the beauty in the unleafed tree with all the imperfections and the true self showing or they see something that is in a dormant stage of it's life and will be lush and green in a few months. I know that myself it is very hard to show the inter self with the imperfections, the broken hearts, the hurt feelings, wishes, dreams, fears, strengths etc... If I were a tree I would have to bear this to everyone each year and not really for sure if I could or would want to. As with a tree I think that we need to show these things to others even if it hurts and is uncomfortable so that we too can bloom into a majestic wonderful thing of beauty. We all have emotions, dreams, hurts, etc that need to be share with someone with out judgment and the fear of rejection. So be a naked tree to someone today and see how it goes.


Dianne Q Adams said...

Michelle-I also love trees and often photograph them. Your words were very thought provoking.

Cyndi and Shelby said...

WOW! Those were deep thoughts. It is surprisingly hard for me to be a naked tree. If I were to lose my leaves would you find a hollow tree?