Monday, November 24, 2008


Saturday started off going downtown with a freind. Man it was cold but refreshing, I do love the cold. Then I went out to pick up my Mom and we went to Jackson to surpirse Ronnie and she what her and her friends had created in Jackson. Bought a few little things. We went to lunch then head back to Somerille via the back roads. While going back Mom's she showed me this great historcial church that I have driven by many times and never knew set back there. That is what the pictures are of. I love old buildings. It just amazes me how much pride and detail went to the buildings of the past. Then I hung out with Dad and help him paint on the landscape on his train lay out. These are the trains that he and I worked on and had all set up when I was little. Then they went back in the attic when they moved out to Somerville and he pulled back out and set up last year after semi retiring.


Roxi Phillips said...

It's so nice that you have special time with your parents. So much to be grateful for!

Dianne Adams said... the pics. I have a thing for old buildings too; I especially like the gates and window photos.