Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Green" Transport

If you have followed my blog you will no that back in April I got this tricycle it was in rough shape. This fall my Dad helped me refurbish it. He took it a part, cleaned all the chrome and made it shine like new. While he was at it he made sure that it was in working order. I went out and spent a Saturday painting it the wonderful RED with white baskets. Once I had it painted my Dad and I put it all back together. We had to ordered a new basket for the back(the old one rusted out), fenders, head light, tail light, reflectors and of course a flag. Once a parent always a parent he wanted to make sure that I will be really visible while riding even though I in my 40's I am still his little girl. Dad delivered it back to me and now I am ready to ROLL. Well this tricycle has filled a dream and not only that it gave me another special memory to share with my Dad.


Shelly Hickox said...

This is so cool Michelle! Dang! I wish I lived closer to town - I would love to be able to ride something like this to do errands, or just for fun. Your dad is the best!

Roxi Phillips said...

Shelly took the words right outta my mouth! You know if I lived near you, we'd go riding! Lovin' the horn, too!
Now go pedal your little self around town!

Dianne Adams said...

Love your new wheels! I love that it has two baskets.