Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fall 2008 in Arlington

Okay I just wanted to share with all of you what a great FALL we are having here in the south. This is how God rewards me for suffering through the hot, sticky and humid summers here in the south.(if you are thinking that she doesn't like the summer heat you are on the right track)Have been saying for a few weeks now I was going to take the time and get shots of these great colors of fall and have not taken the time. Well last Sunday while working in the yard with the great crisp breezes from the north blowing I took the time. I could have filled up a 2g memory card with photos but stopped and got back to work after about 15 minutes. I would love to someday be one of those "LEAF PEEPERS" on the New England Coast. Since I am not I will relish the fall here in the south. I just feel so alive this time of year and rejuvenated. So to all my friends that don't get to see this great change of season enjoy and just pretend that it is a little chilly,a slight breeze is blowing and you can here the leaves falling.

As you have noticed I have several places to sit in my yard, but now I need to learn how to sit there and in joy. Any suggestions???


Cyndi and Shelby said...

I'll send my lazy sister over to your house with a bottle of wine. She knows how to sit back and enjoy life.


Shelly Hickox said...

Yeah, Shelby and I can come over and show you a good time.

Your pics are really fab - this has been the best Fall color I've seen since I moved here and you've captured it beautifully!

Dianne Adams said...

Love your fall shots. I don't know how to sit and relax either so I can't help you there!