Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Another post with pictures..but I am just glad it is Tuesday and that Monday is over. Have you every had one of those days that you wonder why you even got out of bed. Yesterday was that way. It all start Sunday night I couldn't get to sleep. Then got up a little late..went for my morning walk at 5:35 which is late..got home packed lunch and had to go back 10 times it seemed like to get everything that I forgot..got ready to leave..had to come back in because I forgot my glasses..left out and there was a great sunrise happening..went by bank to make a deposit..then at 6:50 had a wreck..am okay..car doesn't have much damage..all the while I knew what was waiting at the office for me..hey I got my first ticket since I was 18..not to bad..have to go to court and probably safe driving school..go figure..got to the office late for me..it was a little after 8...by this time my head and back were hurting..busy day at the office and nothing seemed to go right..but hey I went home and worked for just about an hour and went to bed early..when I got up it was TUESDAY and it just started off better...okay I am done bitching..those who know me well also know the whole story and thanks again for all the thoughts.

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Shelly Hickox said...

Awwwww....Michelle. You need a hug! I will give you one when I see you next. Sorry you had such a rotten day. Hope it got better today!