Monday, March 17, 2008

Mode of Transportation

Okay here is the bike I want. As you can see it has a big basket in the back for all my hauls. I would love to be able to ride it every where I need to go. But I do live in the real world and know that this is not possible. But the things I can ride it to I want to. For several reasons to save gas, to just be out in the fresh air and of course exercise.
I have wanted one of these since I was a little girl. The little girl across the street got one and she would not share with any of us, but she sure thought that our toys were hers. I have just recently found them again. I would prefer red but can't find one.
Of course if Stephenie knew I even posted a picture of it on my blog she would die. She says that this is so embarrassing to her. So to help make matters worse for I her I told I would be REALLY be glad to get a license plate that reads STEPHENIE'S MOM. With many offers to even pay for it. I also told her to save gas I would be glad to take to school on it, since she could ride in the basket. As you can imagine that was not a big hit. So since we when to Iowa and saw it and I had my picture made on it she thinks I am getting it. Well, maybe not today but first bonus check I am hoping to order it.


masonspaige said...

YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!
If ya can't find it in red... spray paint it!!!
You and Stephanie could also get matching ones, with reflectors and lights for night time drivin'! OH... we could have some fun with this!!!!

Subriagirl said...

Well now, I'd like to see you haul your scrappage around on that bike. What would people think? haha Oh, I forgot...we're past the age of caring what ppl think! Isn't life wonderful? huggs girl,