Friday, March 21, 2008

A Favorite Easter Memory

Last weekend I was with a group of my close art friends and we got to swapping childhood memories. I was also given the newest stamp plates from Artist Outpost and the one called Home really made great memories come flooding back.(Thanks Robyn) So since Easter is upon us I thought I would share.

One Easter my Grandpa, Grandma, Dad, sister and I went to the chicken man's house in Indiana to get our eggs. He truly lived with the chickens, they had free run of the house, yard and chicken coop. (Yes you had to watch for the poop while looking for your eggs even in the house) I think he had every kind of chicken on this earth. Well we got to pick whatever color of eggs we wanted and of course we did not dye them as they were great the way they were. The picture above shows all the great colors God already has made for us for the Holiday. I still can see the great soft color of the eggs in the basket with some straw for our Easter that year.

Now I will wipe my eyes from tears of happiness and sadness and get back to work.


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