Saturday, March 8, 2008

It's A Winter Wonderland

This what we woke up to this morning. After Bill left for work last night I went outside and did my little snow dance. There is just something about the snow that brings the kid out in me. At midnight I made myself some hot chocolate and opened the bedroom window, pulled up a chair and watched the snow for awhile. When it snows there is such a peaceful feeling. This morning I went out for a walk to take pictures. Then by mid afternoon most of it was gone. I didn't get the snow for my birthday like usual , but hey I will take it in March.

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masonspaige said...

WOW!!!! Oh... Hot Cocoa and watching the snow fall! It is very peaceful, don't you just love the smell of snow?!!
Yeah, today it was around 72 in San Dog, with blue skies as far as you can see... I love every season!