Friday, May 30, 2008


I just wanted to share the NEWEST plate HERO from Artist Outpost. With the holiday season upon us and our COUNTRY'S BIRTHDAY so close this plate really feels the bill. So check out the AO Blog and AO website to see great samples of this plate.

AHHHHHH Memories

I bet you are wondering what type of memory I am referring to. Other than the one in my skull that I seem to misplace often.

Last night Renee, The McGee's and myself went to an auction that is right by the office. I have found my gambling addiction here, forget the slots(which I have only played maybe 10 times in my lifetime)and let me bid. As I was sitting there summer time memories from my Grandparents in IN came flooding back. At least once every summer we went to the auction. Where there was everything from live stock to the kitchen sink. I thought that is was so neat to watch everyone bidding on things and looking at their treasures. I did get a few treasures last night. I have been needing a card table for years and was to tight to buy one for 30 or 40 bucks. Patience did pay off last night. I got a great one for 5 bucks. Then I got about 4 things for 2 bucks a piece. Things I have been wanting. It was a lot fun to spend time with good friends and finding treasures all at the same time. I always thought that my Grandparents and Great Aunt had such cool stuff and loved to hear how that they go it so cheap. I just knew that they were rich. Well they all told me to shop wisely and go to estate sales, yard sales and auctions. Well, I will gladly carry on the traditions and have been for years.

Friday, May 23, 2008

As many of you know that read my blog I walked in the Relay for Life last weekend. Cancer has touched me many times in my life. So I have a real passion about helping find a cure for this disease that seems to keep attacking many people every day. During the advent they light luminaries to HONOR and in MEMORY of people who have had to battle cancer in their lives. It is one of the most moving things that I every taken part in. I have shown some luminaries that have special meaning to me. Every time I have had the pleasure to take part in this ceremony it brings many emotions to the surface. I must admit that I did shed tears of joy and sadness. Stories to follow:

As you see this one is in Memory of my Aunt Carol. Who lost her battle to cancer about 2 year ago. She was one of the most giving people I have ever known. She had a very strong FAITH in God and lived her lfe in away fitting to him. I am glad to know that she is now up in Heaven watching over me.

This one was in HONOR of a friend's wife in Portland who has just finished her chemo and is on her road to recovery. I hate that I didn't get to met her while I was in Portland a few weeks ago. She has to sons and are very active in their lives.
Sue is the Grandmother to my children and at 70 has had to battle breast cancer. She is doing well and seems to have beat it. I really admire her has she has not had an easy life and still has such an awesome FAITH.
This one is in HONOR of a very special Friend here in Arlington that has battled breast cancer and is cancer free one year later. More below.

The sweet lady in the middle is a breast cancer survivor. Lori is a really incredible lady and has been through a lot during the past year. She and her family have done a lot to help raise money for the American Cancer Society and this past week end had team in the Relay for Life. I was honored to walk for the team.
I am very honored to know all of the about people. I have learned a lot from them about having COURAGE, FAITH and HOPE.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Jennifer and Terri for taking time from your families to plan and take all of us out on Thursday night and Friday night. I must say that both outings were GREAT. Then spending part of your Saturday to show me Portland and Vancouver. Then there is Dave that thought that he was going to escape my visit, but I fooled him and stayed over till Monday.

Shannon who had the pleasure of having to hang out with me most of the day Saturday. Carol and Rob(not pictured, as he took my place behind the camera) who show me all of Portland and had great stories to go along with the drive and sites. The doughnuts were AWESOME!!
Kathy who took me to a LSS as she knows my passion for making things. It was great talking art with you. I would love to see some of your creations.
I know that I don't have pictures of everyone that showed me must hospitality and I am sorry.
But THANKS is not enough and all of you kindness was GREATLY appreciated. I hope to see you all again.
I know that I have not posted pictures from Portland, but the stupid slide show is not working for me. Then there is this thing called a job and I was out of the office for several days and am trying to get caught up.
To all of you that I met and got to share a little part of your life THANK YOU!!! I consider all of you FRIENDS and so glad that I got to met you in person.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Well, here is one of America's newest citizens. Jose passed his test yesterday and now is just awaiting the swearing in ceremonies. They only do this once they get so many people. He will have a large cheering section on that day. Even though he has been here in the country for over 14 years paying taxes, holding down a full time job, giving back to the community he lives in, raising and cheering on his 3 great children, being a wonderful husband to my sister, facing life choices and the hard decision to give up his birth country's citizenship. He does realize just how LUCKY he and all of us that live in the USA are.
I am very proud to call him my brother in law.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


This is the scene I will be looking at tomorrow at around 10:15am Portland time. I have really been looking forward to this business trip. I have been dealing with some of the people at DST and Johnstone Corp headquarters for years and never had the chance to put names and faces together. Even though I have never met them person to person I consider them friends. I will be having training on Thursday and Friday which is also something I am looking forward to. Since I always love learning something new and challenging. I hear from a reliable source(Roxi) that the air in Portland is sweet and I have been instructed to breath all the good air I can. So I am not sure when I will post again, but will share all that happens here in the next few weeks.

The mail has finally arrived at 4:00 pm, that is usually here at 9:00 am, so better get the deposit done and mail sorted so I can get out of here and go home and pack. 4 am will be here soon.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Sow's Ear Hat

I remember the old saying: She can take a sow's ear and turn it into a silk purse. So this is what you can do with a day's notice and paper:

Okay I had to have a hat by the next day.(Have known for a few weeks but life kept getting in the way.) I don't have any old hats of my own, so I pulled out the paper and created. I made this from brown paper and made the flowers from tissue paper. Yes I did get a rose for the most creative and unusal hat. Since I can't create like I want, must slid it in any way I can. We went to a Mother's Day Breakfast at my Mom and Dad's church on Sunday. My sister, two nieces, my daughter and myself all were there. The men of the church cooked the food and the fellowship hall was decorated with old hats, old hankies and jewelry.
This worked out great since I will be leaving on Wednesday for Portland and will spend Mother's Day doing what I want and pampering myself.