Friday, May 30, 2008

AHHHHHH Memories

I bet you are wondering what type of memory I am referring to. Other than the one in my skull that I seem to misplace often.

Last night Renee, The McGee's and myself went to an auction that is right by the office. I have found my gambling addiction here, forget the slots(which I have only played maybe 10 times in my lifetime)and let me bid. As I was sitting there summer time memories from my Grandparents in IN came flooding back. At least once every summer we went to the auction. Where there was everything from live stock to the kitchen sink. I thought that is was so neat to watch everyone bidding on things and looking at their treasures. I did get a few treasures last night. I have been needing a card table for years and was to tight to buy one for 30 or 40 bucks. Patience did pay off last night. I got a great one for 5 bucks. Then I got about 4 things for 2 bucks a piece. Things I have been wanting. It was a lot fun to spend time with good friends and finding treasures all at the same time. I always thought that my Grandparents and Great Aunt had such cool stuff and loved to hear how that they go it so cheap. I just knew that they were rich. Well they all told me to shop wisely and go to estate sales, yard sales and auctions. Well, I will gladly carry on the traditions and have been for years.

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