Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Well, here is one of America's newest citizens. Jose passed his test yesterday and now is just awaiting the swearing in ceremonies. They only do this once they get so many people. He will have a large cheering section on that day. Even though he has been here in the country for over 14 years paying taxes, holding down a full time job, giving back to the community he lives in, raising and cheering on his 3 great children, being a wonderful husband to my sister, facing life choices and the hard decision to give up his birth country's citizenship. He does realize just how LUCKY he and all of us that live in the USA are.
I am very proud to call him my brother in law.


Roxi Phillips said...

Please pass on my congratulations to him! Tell your sis and kids hi for me, too! ~R

Dianne Adams said...

Clarissa and I were on a class field trip a couple of years ago and were able to witness one of these ceremonies. It was a very touching experience. Congrats to you BIL and family. (Love the red and blue type too...)