Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Snippets of Terri's Visit

I just wanted to share a little of Teri's visit. She experienced several first like fried catfish, fried dill pickles, and ribs from Rendezvous. We saw downtown via the trolley and the carriage ride. We got to ride in the Cinderella carriage. She saw Graceland and boy was I glad that she missed Dead Elvis Week, as we had no wait when we went. Oh yeah we did have a little work time while she was here. Since the weather didn't corporate and our business really dropped down to nothing.


Dianne Adams said...

I love your slideshows Michelle! BTW, I've never been to Graceland; maybe I'll make it one day.

subriagirl said...

Michelle, I probably missed it, but where is Terri from? Sounds like you gave her a good taste of Memphis!