Wednesday, July 30, 2008

He is an US Citizian

Well today was one of joys and sadness. My sister has wait 15 years for this and we didn't even get to witness it. They sent letters out with instructions and they plainly said that if you were family or friends of the application you were to arrive 1 hour after they arrived to see the ceremony. Well when we got there they would not let us in and Jose was already in the court room starting the swearing in process. The people in charge said that the letter was wrong and there was not anything they could do about it. I feel so sorry for my sister and the kids as this was a VERY big day for them. We were allowed to go in and take pictures of Jose. He was so beaming and proud. As were we all. Then Mom and Dad treated us all to lunch. I am so proud to be able to call Jose an American!

The coolest thing is that tomorrow will be Jose and Susan's 15th anniversary of their civil ceremony.

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subriagirl said...

Congratulations to you Michelle on your family's newest US Citizen! What a long wait for anyone. Huggs to you & your family on this wonderful occasion!