Sunday, July 13, 2008


Okay I finally bought it. I was at a friends yesterday and got to use her Cuttlebug. I became addicted. Then today Michael's just made me go and buy it. They gave me a 40% off coupon and they also let me use the 15% off total purchase one too. When they finished ringing me up I paid a whole 22 bucks for this GREAT little toy. To really top of the great bargains for the weekend I found all 24 of the Fiskers texture plates for less than 10 bucks on Friday. So came home last night and googled to see if they would work with the Cuttlebug and when I found out they would it was another reason to buy it. All I had to do was buy a silicon oven mat and cut to size of the temple lay it on the "A" board, lay my paper down, place the template and the cover "C" run it thru the machine and walla embossing done. I am sold and now I will be embossing to my little heart is content. I always liked the embossed look but hated doing not any more.

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Dianne Adams said...

You are going to love embossing this way! I have the Wizard but use the Cuttlebug folders in it and absolutely love it! Congrats on your purchase.