Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Butterfly Album

It is safe to post this now. I made this for Terri.(One of my DST friends) I used the large grunge board butterfly and AO stamps for the wings. The paper is purple and black. (I do know that it is also a fave of my buddy Candice.)

I know that I don't post a lot of art work on my blog for the following reasons:

*A lot that I do is for gifts and I have to wait to the intended person has received them.
*I also don't want to see something I did in a magazine and not have my name on it. (Not that my stuff is just over the top )
*Just in case I submit it and it gets published or they would like too. I don't want that not to happen if I have placed it on my blog.

Just in case you might wonder why I don't post a lot of my creations on my blog.

Happy April Fool's Day!!!!

Only 3 more days till my baby is 15.

Now the accounting side of me: Only 14 more days until you have to have you taxes filled with the IRS:D

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masonspaige said...

yep, i have that same theory too... even with my photographs, but sometimes you just want to share...
Taxes... not to bad this year... so thankful!