Monday, April 21, 2008

Last Week's Recap

Okay I will take a 5 minute break and fill everyone in on last week.

As many of already know I lost a fellow co-worker. This meant a little more work for me at work. I have had to deal with insurance company's and such all week. A five minute phone call was at least 1 hour or longer. I also have been filling in on the sales counter. Boy it is scary how easy it all comes back. So Saturday I opened the store and worked a half day. No stamp club:( That is one thing I truly look forward to is getting to hang out with the girls. I did get to go to lunch with them. Thanks to all of them for waiting on me.

I then went home and worked in the flower beds until 8. Okay even with working out at the gym there are muscles that are hurting. Sunday back to the flower beds and did take out a couple of hours to got to another stamp club. Back home to finish up the flowerbeds at 8 again. I am proud to say they are ready for mulch. Which I am hoping to complete first week end in May. Since it is the only time I will have before it gets way to hot.

So with having to work Saturday I had a few art projects that had to be completed by Friday afternoon. Can you say late night on Thursday.

I was to have Wed-Fri off. Well I got Thur and took Stephenie to get her LEARNER'S PERMIT. Yes the streets in Arlington are not longer safe. Then we all went to Jackson and spent the day shopping for her. Since Bill was on vacation last week he was not overly thrilled that I didn't get my days off. Oh well life goes on.

Then on Wed we got our finial inspection for the new building, can you say WHOOO HOOO and the move was on. I can get use to not having to do the grunt work. My work is tomorrow with moving and getting the computers back up. Yes I will probably have to call my buddy Brian at DST.(So girls that read this warn him LOL)

Oh did I say that I leave on Thur to go to computer training. Let me see I haven't even thought about what I am packing. So Wed night I will figure it out. Since I can covered at work.

That is pretty much the boring life at my house. Just wanted to let everyone know whats up.

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Robyn Phelan Sharp said...

so glad you are doing better...miss you.