Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I was noticing that I have not posted in about a week. Well, after last week it the time has flowen. This is the month for birthday. My Dad's was last Wednesday and my Father in Laws is today. Then on the 19th my nephew Joseph will be a double digit midget and then 2 days later on the 21st the mllion dollar baby Sophia will be turning 6. It is so hard to believe that little preemie will be 6 and thriving the way she is and boy is she our little ms independant. Then my good friend Terri in Portland has one on the 25th and I will not reveal her age. Let me asure that we all are still young!!!

Please keep my bother in law and niece Katalina in your prayers has they are both facing some health issues and test.

I am waiting to hear from all my buddies that are at CHA in CA. I can't wait to hear all about the new stuff that is coming out and all the people who want their work. I am sure that they all will come back with many contracts and projects lined up.

Bill, Renee and I went to a really neat indoor flea market on Sunday afternoon. I did get some really great bargins. I got a mirror that is about 4' x 2.5' for only 10 bucks. I now have it hanging in my ofice.Then I got several pieces of oatmeal glass for .50 each,then a couple of other pieces of glass ware for a buck a piece. Then several books for the text for a buck. Then we went out to lunch and then home. I did create some inches. Yes that right a 1 x 1 square pieces of art. I will try and post it soon.

Last night I make a couple of simple journals and my brain book. That is a book for me to keep up with all my stuff that I need for all the things I have volunteered for. Like ROTR secert stamper coordinator, design team stuff, church stuff, and just my musings (a place to write them down while I am at the other stuff and gets boring) so I can remember and add to the 6 mile long list.

Well, nothing else much is going on not anything exciting. Just wanted to let you guys know a little of what is going on.

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cindy said...

I miss the flea market, and used stuff! Enjoy the cheap prices... If I want something the price typically triples... it stinks!