Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Are We in Kansas?

WOW!!!!!!!! What a day we have had in the south today. We have had the most tornados in one day in our history today in Memphis and metro area. We have had a lot of damage and still waiting here at 9:00 for the next wave to come thru. I am wondering if our store on Pilot has any damage, as our Johnstone distrubation center that is located just 2 blocks from there did have damage. It also was on the news. I am having trouble getting into my system, so we problely have lights out at our main store.

Let me send THANKS OUT to my buddies in Portland that called and checked on me. It means alot. I will be checking in with you guys in the am.

Okay I better get off the computer as here comes the next wave. Please keep us in your prayers.

Candice and Larry I sure how that you guys missed all this on your way to CA. Ronnie I hope that you are okay up there in Jackson.

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