Wednesday, February 6, 2008


We made it thru the night. All of my family came through without much damage. Other than the usual tree limbs down and a few rattled nereves. Their were people not as fotunate as us. There were people who lost their lives and there were alot of injuries. Like I said last night I was concerened about our other store it made it fine. The Johnstone DC didn't weather has well. It defanitly took a hit. But no one was hurt.

I must say that I am counting my blessing this morning. Among these are all of my firends that keep track of me via this blog. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

Also, on a happier note. My sister received the PTA Life Time Achivement Award yesterday for her school. I am so glad for her as she has had a ruff year this at school.

I would love to hear from all of my friends.

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