Thursday, October 25, 2007


I LOVE color and red is the favorite. Since childhood BIG RED BARNS have been a favorite thing. When we started the bathroom redo RED came to the be the color of choice. It is the second favorite room in the house. I have waited four long years to have the old DEEP tub to fill up with hot water and soaking in it. Of course while I am in there my mind is creating or making to do list. There are many of times that is my bed. Of course over the last few weeks the list making have been about getting the house back together. This weekit has been getting the studio togerher. It has been like Christmas I keep finding things that I FORGOT that I had. Well maybe that could be old AGE. Off to bed because tomorrow is going to be a LONG day since the therpy room must be put together before I get to sleep.

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Roxi Phillips said...

Ahh, RED....I love color too, but don't have the courage to paint a whole room that color...maybe I should start with one accent wall. Now you've got me thinking about having a good relaxing soak!