Monday, October 15, 2007


Okay here is a look at my new studio! As you can see it is a long way from ready to create in. It will be the last room to be put together. But I think that it should have been the first. As I am beginning to believe that therapy is going to be expense. Since I have not been able to do anything for about 3 months and I am needing to get lost in a project. I am really looking forward to this Saturday as I have a big girl play date with my stamp club all day. Hopefully in about a week I will be able to post the finished room. I have a ton of projects racing thru my head. And just waiting to have the tools and materials unpacked. I have been planining this room for 3 years and been collecting the pieces to do what I want to in it. Since it is the formal living room.(Like I need a formal living room) I have decided to do things in stations and with this way I am going to use some furniture pieces. I do want the room to reflect ME.

Okay keep watch for the unveiling of the new THERAPY ROOM!!

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