Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Okay with a lot of help from Mom the house is FINALLY back to the clean state. After 4 years with dust from remolding and everything stuck where there was space to put it. I got up on Monday morning and had to pinch myself to make sure I was not dreaming and that I was in the right house. No bed in the hallway, rugs on the floor, dinning room table with nothing on it, kitchen clean, and wall paper up in the bathroom. Come Saturday and Sunday I am spending the WHOLE day in my new room CREATING!!!!!!!!!! I have several of things that need to be done. Tags for a ROTR swap, altered post cards and design team submissions. By the way I may not have mentioned it, but I was asked to be on the design team for a REALLY cool new stamp line. Robyn has some awesome stamp plates. If you are looking for some really neat new stamps check them out at http://www.artisticoutpost.com. I am looking forward to working with this great group of ladies to help get this great new stamp company off the ground. I just love being in on something so new and helping getting of the ground.

Well, I am suppose to be doing payroll and getting ready for bed, but wanted to post a small bit. I am hoping to post pictures later this week of the finished room and maybe a few of things.

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