Thursday, March 19, 2009

Through My Daughters Eyes

Yes it is Spring Break Week here in the south. Since the boss is out of town I can't take the whole week off but I did take some time yesterday to go with Stephenie, Emily and Nathalie to do one of their favorite things. SHOP!! They all went to the zoo for a few hours until I could get out of the office. After the nightmare of trying to get them picked at the zoo. You would have thought that they were giving the animals for free with all the traffic there. We took the new car for a mini road trip to the Factory Outlet Mall in Tunica, MS. Since they shut ours down in Lakeland. So I had a great trip with the windows down and listening to the music, as all my passengers in the car were asleep. Boy they came to life when I mentioned food, so after a little snack we hit the stores. We had a dual mission today. The first being to find the girls some great looking clothes for the summer and yes that included several pairs of flip flops in a variety of colors. When you shop with these 3 we all must go into the same dressing room as we all need to see how the clothes fit. Since they will be passed around the group. Now on to the second part of the mission to get Mom some cute clothes. This is where through my daughters eyes comes in to play. As I am trying on clothes and look in the mirror I see a fat, middle age, very unattractive person with clothes that are cute. As my WONDERFUL, SWEET daughter says "Mom hush you are cute, pretty and not fat". So after I try and hold back the tears. I am thinking why can't I see ME as she sees ME. I love that kid.

BTW-She and the girls did do a good job on getting me cute clothes!


Dianne Q Adams said...

Oh how I wish it was Spring Break here! We don't get ours until the week before Easter. Have a great time with your daughter...the time is getting away from us.

Subriagirl said...

No spring break for staff at JSCC.
So glad you and Steph had so much fun together! She's a cutie!

BeckyH said...

My son is the same way - stops me when I start that negative talk in my head - aren't we lucky to have kind and wonderful children?