Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Car Discovery

Okay I have discovered many things while looking for a car. The first is that if you want an American car you can get a steal. If you want a foreign car they are not wanting to deal. I did a lot of reading and research on the Internet and narrowed it down to 5 cars. The Toyota Camry, Corella or Prius and Honda Accord or Civic. I really wanted to get a hybrid, but the insurance and prices were a little much for right now. Then once I test drove the cars I ruled out the Camry and Accord as they felt like big cars and I wanted something a little more sporty. (Some day I will get the car I really want) After going to several Toyota dealerships and being treated like a second class citizen, stupid woman and some one that only buys a car because she looks good in it. One of the salesmen even had enough nerve to tell me that I need to bring my husband in to see if I could qualify for the car. So after the stupidness at the Toyota dealerships I went to the Honda dealership and was treated like a human. The next discovery was that their are salesman who will treat a woman like they have a brain and could actually buy a car with out a man. I also found out that there are cars out there that are not white and gray. The next dicovery was that I could do the negation process, credit process and choice process by myself. SO I AM( and Stpehenie too, only when I am in the car) NOW A PROUD OF A RED 2009 HONDA CIVIC.

Now if I could just find a road that had no cops on it so that I could see what it can do. I know one thing I will have to watch it. I am having trouble not speeding in it. The last discovery was that I am a stronger person than I thought I was and I handled all the nervousness, concerns and sleepless by my self. Yes there were sleepless nights and many days of nerves over this purchase.


cindy said...

Congrats on a BEAUTIFUL car & an awesome choice in cars also. Glad to see you didn't get a hybrid, the Prius only gets 7 mpg when going from 0-30 using the gas engine... also the factory (in canada) that makes the nickle battery, has 100 miles of dead land around due to the poisining of the nickle.
Almost every car out there is both foreign and domestic, (making parts and assembly lines) so no matter, you supported America!
We are still on the look out for a different car, we want to get rid of the Ford because, well... the add on feature of falling part and not cover under warranty, isn't what we wanted but recieved anyway.
We are looking at the 06-07 Volvo v70 styles and liking them... we got to find something semi-easy for Paige and of course the dog needs his place...
Come to California, there are many spots where you could try her out! :}
Congrats again,

Dianne Q Adams said...

You go Michelle! And what do you do for a living...accounting, is it? You were probably more qualified to negotiate than the salesperson. Good for you and I love the fact that it is RED!

Shelly Hickox said...

Ooooh, that is one GORGEOUS car!! The best part is that it will be a dream to own - I wish I'd never gotten rid of mine. I've had two Civics, a '77 and a '94. They were both great cars!

Roxi Phillips said...

AWWWWW.... sexy! I second shelly's post! We've loved our civics!