Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dave's Visit

This is my friend Dave Kemp from Portland, OR. He runs DST which is our software provider for most of the Johnstones. So when the regional meeting was held in Memphis this past week I was able to show him around a bit. Not to mention that I got a day out of the office to enjoy a wonderful spring like day. Well when most people come to Memphis you show them the usual, Graceland, Beale ST, Gibson Guitar, Fed Ex Forum, Mississippi River, etc.... Well I decided to do a little something different for Dave, he is really not that kind of guy. He and his wife have the most precious and wonderful English Springer Spaniels that they show and raise. (You can see his dogs(should I say second set of children here)here. So I took is upon myself to take him somewhere that would mean more to him. So off to the National Bird Dog Museum. It only takes about an hour to get there. It was worth the drive. When we got there one of the first things we saw was a bronze statue that the artist did 300 smaller replicas and Dave got on of the first one made. So I got his picture by it. Clue number one that I made a good choice. Then once we got inside he saw the picture of the lady that sold him his first dog and saw some of the ancestors of his dogs that have won the field trails. He also got to see some of the country side of the South and in this region of the south there is a lot of history about the Civil War so along the way I filled him in on some of it. We went through Lagrange Tn and Ame's Plantation. He did get to see some of the local sites in Memphis too. We had ribs at the Rendezvous,(Thanks Dave) Beale Street, Fed Ex Forum, Gibson Guitar (someday I will have to hear you play) and some of Main St. Well, I didn't have to show him the Peabody has there is where the meetings were be held and they were staying there.

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