Thursday, August 25, 2011

1 Year

One year ago today Stephenie brought someone new into our lives. His name was Hunter.(She was never going to date him) I can't say I welcomed him with open arms. As I was not sure if I was ready for this step in her life. Not saying she was either but it happened ready or not. As a Mom I watched them as they learn what it is to have a relationship. The spats, fights, surprises, butterflies, laughter, secrets and the falling in love. There are two families that have opened up their hearts and lives to someone new. Speaking for myself I am very blessed to have this new person in my life. All the milestones they shared together over the past year: senior year, Hunter's last high school football game, the birth of Ella in August(not theirs) and Hayden in November(once again not theirs), holidays, choosing colleges, becoming legal(by law), prom, graduation, saying good bye to Timmerman's twice and many others. As I reflect over the past year I have gotten to share in and watch a two young people become friends, grow in trust, share dreams together, make memories for life and fall in love. With all this said I want to wish you both a great day and MANY more memories! Hunter and Stephenie 08.25.2010

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