Sunday, May 31, 2009

Late Mother's Day

I finally got a piece of Michael's art that is on a REAL canvas. He brought this by the office the other day for my Mother's Day present. It is titled Self Portrait. I really like how he did the shilouette in white instead of the tradition black. The droplets of water could be either tears or sweat. I am really proud of this piece and have it hanging on the wall in my office. I did this for many reason the first is that I really needed some art in my office and the other is that I every time I look up at my wall I think of my first born.

On Mother's Day I always take a little time to myself to reflect on the 2 wonderful kids that I have been blessed with that lets me be able to celebrate this holiday. Micheal is 20 and finding his way in the world. He is not doing it the way I might have thought he would, but he is doing it his way. I am so proud of the man he is turning into. I really admire that he is pursuing and doing something that he loves. He has always been my creative child and he is doing this. I think that it is awesome that he is doing what he loves and not what the world thinks he should. Stephenie is 16 and trying her wings. I am not really sure that I am ready for this but it is here ready or not. She will be a Junior in the fall and is so full of life and able to speak her mind. I must say that I have 2 of the greats babies on this planet. I just pray that they find way their way in this life with a positive attitude , love for their fellow man and themselves.

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