Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another Year has Past

Here is this year's graduate. Joseph will leave Barrett's Chapel that he has been at after 6 years plus. As his Mom has taught there for 17 years and he been attending things from birth. He is on his way to the middle school to join his oldest sister Katalina. He got many awards and achievements including the Presidential Award signed by President Obama. We went to lunch to celebrate.

Stephenie has finished up her sophomore year. Geometry has just about kicked her little butt but she was a trooper and stuck it out .With a B. English, computer, biology and Spanish are A's which is where she usually pulls. I am so proud of her.

Katalina is heading into her finial year at the middle school. She has big plans for a major Soccer camp where the scouts will be to start following the girls to college.

Sophia will be in second grade next year. It still just amazes me how that little preemie has grown into such a wonderful little girl.

Okay so there were tears of joy and sadness last Friday at the 5th grade program. I mean from all of us that attended. The big girls Stephenie and Katalina tried to hide it and acted tough. Susan and I just let the water flow. I didn't even make it through the Star Spangle Banner. Then when the time came for the kids to give the roses to their mothers really brought on the water works. Joseph was so sweet by giving the rose to his mom with a great big hug and I LOVE YOU. Sophia did well until after the program and finally realized that her Bubba wasn't going to be coming back to Barrett's next year.

Once again I wonder where this school has gone. I sit back in amazement at what they all have accomplished and how they have grown. Stephenie still amazes me at the wonderful little women she is turning into.

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