Sunday, April 5, 2009


Stephenie is 16 and full of life. She amazes me each day as I watch her grow in today a wonderful person. She loves life and wants to enjoy every minute of it. Loves her family, friends and herself.

Yesterday was her day and it was all about her for 24 hours.(truth be known it is that way most days). It start at about 6:45 for me getting ready for a Surprise Lunch Party for her.(I am sure that it was not a surprise as she and her 2 friends come home looking cute). With all the actives for the weekend we had to do lunch. There were about 35 people on hand to wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I decorated the dinning room with pink and green, made cheese dip, Grandma got meats and cheese for sandwiches, made a strawberry cake(which she has had strawberry something since the age of 2), soft drinks and you have a party. Susan can over and helped me for about an hour to help me get things together. (yes an hour is a lot time for her,as she really doesn't have time to spare with 3 kids, working full time, house, husband) The first order of business was for Princess Stephenie to receive her Princess Tara, blinking Princess Pin and basket of pamper supplies. Of course even at 16 year old birthday parties you have goodie bags complete with candy, bubbles, pin wheels and water guns. Which were the hit. But when Stephenie decided to squirt Aunt Jessica the fun was on, as Aunt Jessica borrowed a water gun and was out for revenge and got it.(btw we maybe old but we still have a little child in us)

Then it was time for a little shopping with the gift certificates from the local shops here in Arlington.(just love to support the small shops here in town) Back home and ward robe change for the big night out on the town. We all looked cute and my outfit was approved. Hooters here we come for fried dill pickles, wings and crab legs. Someone over heard that is was her birthday and they put her on a chair, gave her a cup for a beck and menus for wings and sang Happy Birthday to her. Off to the mall for desert. Bowling was the next adventure on the list for the night. We went to Billy Hardwicks for Cosmic Bowling and a lot of laughs.

Mommy thoughts on the day: I am so blessed to have been given this WONDERFUL, FUNNY, BEAUTIFUL person. I still wonder where the first 16 years for her life went so quickly. How did she turn in this wonderful young women. My nerves are on edge about the driving. She is a good driver, but has a little bit too much confidence with out much experience. Wonder what the future has in store for her and what opportunities will be out there for her,

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Dianne Q Adams said...

Ah, Michelle...looks like it was a great day for you and your daughter. Happy belated birthday wishes to Stephenie!