Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day of Reflection

This post has been running in my head for the last few days. Last Saturday was a day of many emotions, thoughts, feelings and self discovery. As you will notice by the slide show the military is involved and especially my oldest Nephew Josh.

I was invited to attend the parade that the Town of Hernando put on for the 2-189th Combined Arms Battalion. My first thought was of pride as Josh serves in this Battalion and will be deploying with them. Then I began think about how his Mom and Dad must be feeling sending off their first born to war and how I think I would feel if it were me.

One of the first sights I saw on this clear and pleasant spring day was the American Flag flying high over the Armory where we were to eat lunch. For the first time in a long time I really thought about what the flag meant to me. It symbolizes FREEDOM and many lives lost to maintain this for all of us here in this great country. I realized that I have take this for grant it way too much. As I was snapping pictures many thoughts and emotions began to flood in my heart and head. Watching Dads holding their babies and playing with their children savoring every second of this time knowing that there will be many of these moments lost over the next 13 months. That by the time they will come back some be will be walking, talking, completed another year of school, had a broken heart or two, many first, hurts and there were even some little ones that haven't made their appearance in this world yet and will do so while they are away. Wives getting ready to be Mom and Dad, knowing that they will the only one to handle all of the household responsibilities, making all the choices that will effect their children's lives and not having anyone to help with them. Uncles savoring nieces and nephews and hoping that they remember them when they return. Grandsons sharing moments with their Grandfather hoping that there will be more when they get back. Parents showing pride and hiding the fears that their sons are going off to war. While taking in all these sites I begin to really realize just what all MEN are giving up for ME, so that I can live this life that I live, have the freedoms that I have. It also gave me a wake up call on what is important in life. That you need to speak those unspoken words of love and give those hugs. I learned that there are not words to express the GRATEFULNESS, THANKFULNESS and APPRECIATION I have for each and every one of these men putting their lives on the line for me,my freedom and the memories I get to have with my children in a free county.

I will now share with you a few of the most emotional moments of the day for me: 1) The Color Guard from the fire department, 2) The Bagpipers, 3) The young man that was a Honoree Solider for the day by having his wish granted from Make a Wish, 4) Seeing the troops marching in perfect formation, 5) Hearing Josh's name in the roll call, 5) Watching everyone of these young men stand attention from the first note of the National Anthem and through the Pledge with such great pride, 6) Learning not to judge a book by the cover, meaning that just because they ride motorcycles doesn't mean they don't have pride and respect for this country and soldiers as they stood Honor Guard around the perimeter of the ceremonies.

I challenge everyone that might read my blog to THANK at least one soldier who is serving this GREAT COUNTRY(aka you). Take a few minutes to REALLY think about what they have given up so that you can live the life you live. Then think would you do it for people who you don't know and might not even appreciate it.

I want to take this moment to say THANK YOU JOSH and I LOVE YOU, you will be in my thoughts and prayers over the next 13 months. I want to THANK DREW KING who will be leaving soon to server this County too.

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Becky Hopper said...

This was so moving - love the video - you have such heart.