Sunday, January 25, 2009

Going Back to where it all began..

well that is where my LIFE began in Denver Co over 40 years ago. I will be traveling here for work in the end of April, so I figured that I should take Stephenie and show where my life started. Once I suggested this my parents decided that they wanted to go back there too. So the trip has turned into a small family vacation and a work trip for me. I was able to get us all on the same flight going out and they will be coming back before me as I will be staying for DST training(getting updated on our computer software package and seeing some great friends that I have made through work). This will be a great trip for me as I have not been back to see where I was born or lived as an infant since becoming an adult. I will be glad to be able to document this on film and hey all of my blogging friends better get ready as I will be boring you all with the photos. Of course we will travel up the mountain to see snow. This will be the highlight for Stephenie and I has both of LOVE the snow. We had to buy her a new coat today just for the trip as they are on clearance already for the season.(BTW the high today was in the 20's)


Dianne Q Adams said...

How fun! We'll be looking forward to your adventure on your blog.

masonspaige said...

Colorado is so much like Washington State... the green trees, snow capped mountains, really blue skies... just looking at that photo makes me miss Washington State.
A delicate flower, with a strong core.. :}

Roxi Phillips said...

Oh, I miss the mountains already and I've only been back to the "flatlands" for a day! I absolutely loved looking at all the snow covered peaks from my window seat on yesterday's flight! I wish you and your family a very peaceful and fun-filled trip! Enjoy the fresh air and the glorious views! What mountain is this? It looks a lot like my Mt. Shasta in No. California.