Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stampers Day Out and Other Great Things

OMG!! Have you every just walked in a place and saw something that you just had to have. Well after the day of fun with my stamp friends. I stopped by a friend's great little shop in Arlington to just say HI! As I was looking around this AWESOME dress form said you need and want me. She was so right. I have seen many dress forms, but this is one was so very unique one. It still had the original tag on it. So now where to place it in the house.
Well as you can see from the picture of all my goodies that the day was a GREAT. There is the collage piece that we did. I really don't like mine, as I and my own worst critic. But hey looking at here it's not half bad. Front and center is the one of the newest Oxford Impressions Halloween stamp set. Just look at all the great images. I can't wait to cut them out and slap a little ink on them. Next see the great set of jewelry that my friend Ronnie made. Now if I can just keep it off Stephenie. I will enjoy wearing it. Cyndi had awesome jewelry that she and her Mom made to help support a village in Africa. Shelley was selling great finds. I got two different sizes of test tube, a piece of a vintage measuring tape and some cool picture dictionary pages. So has you can see it was a day of fun, food, art and friends.

Well, my Secret Stamper really made my day. I just love my happy from her. She gave me this cool pumpkin bucket with goodies in it. Halloween rub ons, ribbon, truffles and a pair of lips like we got back when I would have carried a bucket like the one above. Going door to door dressed up and saying "Trick or Treat"! What memories. Thanks SS!!!

Well a quick run down on the days advents at SDO. Today was Stampers Day Out which is our stamp clubs annual day of hanging out with the girls and doing art. We had 4 GREAT projects this year. I started off the day teaching a Michelle Zindorf technique, was followed by Cyndi teaching and instructing us a making a set of tumbled marble coaster, lunch(yes we have a great batch of cooks), Robyn started off the afternoon session with an awesome 6x6 canvas college piece and then to finish off the day Shelley lead us in making a grunge metal necklace and the really neat and relaxing bandanna technique. What a fun filled day. So now off to bed.


Shelly Hickox said...

It was a great time, wasn't it?! I love the pic of your suitcase with all your treasures - it's like Christmas! I really love how my Michelle Zindorf/Wilkerson card came out.

Carla said...

All this looks like SO much fun, Michelle! I wish I were a millionaire so I could fly over and play with you guys!! I like your collage BTW!! Don't be so hard on yourself! Make things, have fun making things, then make something else!! That's my motto! Of course sometimes I make some real junk, but who cares!?

Robyn Phelan Sharp said...

so...please don't let candice see that dress form...she'll steal it...that is an amazing piece!!

Veronica said...

Michelle, the dress form is simply beautiful! I didn't on purpose take a picture of my bought goodies....leave a picture trail to later be used against me! ha. Thanks for the class!

Dianne Adams said...

Michelle..looks like ya'll had a great time. You're right; we are our own worst critics but your stuff looks great! Sometimes if I'm not happy with a collage, I let it sit out where I can see it often and an idea on what it needs will come. BTW, what do you not looks good from here!