Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dressing Up

Well no pictures today just words. But this is kinda funny and also made me think about the past I mean the way past.

Stephenie: Mom, Amanda, Megan and I are dressing up and looking cute tomorrow for school.

Me: Great

Well the fashion show begins. Here she comes in a pair of jeans, heels and a semi nice shirt. And states this is what I am wearing don't I look cute.

I of course say yes and then smile to myself. Remembering when dressing up actually meant a DRESS, HOSE, GRIDDLE, and HEELS. Comfort was not even not part of it. Then I began think about even 100 years ago when women actually took hours to get dressed with all the slips, corsets, graters, hoops,etc..



Cyndi Watkins and Shelby Waters said...

Do you remember wearing really tall "Candi" shoes to school and almost breaking your neck going down the stairs?

Dianne Adams said...

I know what you're talking about Michelle. I can remember when we had to wear dresses to school every day and then they allowed us to start wearing slacks underneath. I didn't realize how old I've gotten until just now!LOL

subriagirl said...

And I'll just bet Stephanie was the cutest of them all! She's a doll, dress or jeans! Ronnie